Miami Photoshoot Locations

Get the The Best Miami Photoshoot Locations in 2023

It’s no surprise that clear skies and shimmering turquoise beaches are the key elements of Miami photoshoot locations. It’s absolute heaven, and when it comes to Miami photoshoot locations for social media, they are a “likes” magnet.

So, strike a pose as we take a look at some of the best Miami photoshoot locations.

Big Bus Miami and Miami Beach offer incredible views, so it’s no surprise that locals and tourists alike continue to share photos on social media. As with any destination, there are sure to be some photo opportunities you don’t want to miss.

From colorful Art Deco hotels and bus bars to fine dining, incredible museums, flower-filled teahouses and parks famous for playing dominoes, these are Miami’s top attractions.

Why Hire a Photographer on Your Pleasure Trip?

Photos have become a favorite part of many travelers, but there is a big difference between a simple photo and a good photo. The biggest difficulty in taking good pictures while traveling is finding a good photographer.

Many times our travel companions can be great people, but not always good with cameras. When you add in the difficulty of traveling alone, taking photos becomes even more difficult.

Of course, you can take selfies or use some other techniques to portray yourself, but it might not work for all destinations, or all the time. What should you do instead? Explore new alternatives, you can hire photography services that are focused on travelers.

The dynamic is very simple, you just request a photo session wherever you are going, and they send you an email to check the details and that’s it. On the agreed date, your photographer will appear at the door of your accommodation or wherever you want to be photographed. After about 48 hours, you will have a private virtual gallery from which you can download or share your photos.

A big advantage is that you can see the work of the photographers available in the city you are visiting so you can get a good idea of the images you can get. This is a great option if you don’t know how to pose or are just looking for a special shot. As a professional photographer, they can suggest places and how to pose to make the most of your visit. If you are in the US, Cristian Valles will suggest the best Miami Photoshoot Locations.

Miami Photoshoot Locations
Miami Photoshoot Locations

Tips For Hiring a Professional Photographer

Of all the memories made on a trip, there is one that represents the places and moments lived more than any other. Photos have been with people since the 19th century, and in recent years, with the proliferation of mobile phones equipped with high-quality cameras, photos have become one of the most important elements of travel.

However, it is not always easy to get a good photo, and many times you have to take several photos to find the perfect one.

This is where a new system comes in, making life easier for those who want to put their camera away and concentrate on traveling, so someone else can take their picture. Having sites that allow you to hire a professional photographer at your resort is the perfect way to get the best photos and enjoy your trip.

Based on our experience, here are some tips:

• Arrive on time to avoid wasting time.

• Explore interesting places where you can take great photos, or use your photographer to take photos in places that are difficult to reach on your own.

• Ask for their opinion so that you can create interesting and, most importantly, unique images.

• The shortest time is 1 hour, so you can put on at least 1 change of clothes and take different photos.

• If you have a special moment, like a marriage proposal or a pregnancy announcement, this is a great opportunity to give your photos the quality these special moments deserve.

• Although this service is for travelers, you can also request sessions for other events.

Miami Photoshoot Locations
Miami Photoshoot Locations

Some Recommended Miami Photoshoot Locations

With its glorious sunshine, stunning white-sand beaches, historic Art Deco District, and chic international art scene, few destinations are as beautiful and photogenic as Miami, Florida.

If you’re looking to meet or mingle with the rich and famous, South Beach still ranks high. Celebrities from all over the world are constantly posting beautiful photos of Miami on their Instagram accounts.

And one of the best Miami photoshoot locations is the spectacular South Beach! From incredible white sand beaches to crystal clear waters, you can’t look better than being surrounded by nature’s masterpieces. Or pose in front of the colorful and iconic lifeguard station on the beach.

• Art Deco on Ocean Drive

Miami’s famous Art Deco District is home to more than 800 historic buildings built between 1923 and 1943. These colorful buildings reflect the unique and interesting flavor of the era, and their complex structural features make them ideal Miami photoshoot locations. Ocean Drive and its parallel streets are lined with approximately 800 Art Deco buildings that characterize the area. During the day you can photograph them in pastel colors, but at night you can photograph them in their bold neon colors.

• The colorful murals of Wynwood

The Wynwood neighborhood, which until recently was on the fringes, has been able to come back to life thanks in part to the Wynwood Wall, an empty space whose murals are renewed every six months. The landscape is completely different from wall to wall and you will want to photograph each one. They are impressive and one of the chosen Miami Photoshoot Locations!

The graffiti murals that make up the Arts District offer plenty of backdrops to capture the perfect shot. Locals and tourists alike come to Wynwood to enjoy street art, from colorful to monochrome; from cartoons to funny sidewalk sayings.

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Take The Best Pictures in These Miami Photoshoot Locations

You don’t have to be an international superstar to get superstar photos. There are tons of great Miami photoshoot locations, and you can submit amazing photos for your friends and family to see.

From beaches and historic sites to offbeat stops, here’s a list of Instagram-worthy photo spots that’ll make you look like a star.

• Biltmore Hotel

Few buildings in Miami are more recognizable and iconic than the imposing Biltmore Hotel. The Biltmore Hotel in beautiful Coral Gables is the only hotel in the city designated a National Historic Landmark and is a haven for wedding photos.

Opened in 1926, this 271-room resort features impressive Mediterranean architecture with Italian and Spanish influences. From statues surrounding the pool to tropical landscaping and incredible towers, you’ll find countless incredible photo opportunities at the Biltmore.

This hotel is impressive both inside and out. Its majestic appearance, walking through it is like walking through a city museum.

• Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive

If money isn’t tight, book a night at Mansion Versace. Designed with the charm of an Italian villa, the courtyard and luxurious pool will make you look like a millionaire.

• Fontainebleau, Miami Beach

Since its opening in 1954, Fontainebleau has maintained its iconic status as a playground for the rich and famous. In fact, celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and even Elvis Presley have lived on this sprawling 20-acre waterfront property.

You’ll want to take photos near the complex’s famous “Staircase to Nowhere,” which is a grand staircase in the castle’s foyer that only leads to a small cloakroom.

Other great Miami photoshoot locations include shots of the resort’s curved façade or the iconic Butterfly Pool, designed by architect Maurice Lapidus.

Miami Photoshoot Locations
Miami Photoshoot Locations

Weirdest Places: The Old Spanish Convent, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, And Stiltsville

North Miami Beach is home to the Old Spanish Convent, a sunny enclave of European architecture and history in Miami. Shipped piece by piece from Segovia, Spain, this Florida heritage site features a museum, church, manicured gardens, and gift shop.

In the middle of the monastery is a courtyard with ivy-covered walls, medieval statues, carved ceilings, columns, stone arches, stained glass windows, and a cloister with colored shields. One of the best Miami photoshoot locations is from the center of the terrace. Your followers will think you are in Spain.

Located on the shores of Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a 1914 Renaissance villa with 70 rooms, 10 acres of formal gardens, and many luxurious European amenities.

The whole place is immaculate, but for the best photos, have someone take your photo of you standing in the formal gardens with the iconic Villa Vizcaya behind you.

Located a mile south of Cape Florida on Biscayne Bay, you’ll find an odd site: a series of pastel-colored, wood-framed houses on stilts in the shallows. The houses are raised on wooden or concrete stilts in an area called Stiltsville.

The first shack on stilts was built in 1933 by “Crawfish Eddie Walker.” Ultimately, 27 houses were built, although only six remain today, most destroyed by hurricanes. No one lives in the houses, but the owners (caretakers) continue to improve and repair them.

You can hire a professional photographer to capture your trip in the best Miami photoshoot locations. We recommend Cristian Valles, a Miami-based photographer with over 14 years of experience. You can view his portfolio, find more information about his services, or schedule an appointment at

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