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Editorial Photo Shoot, 6 Great Steps and Tips

 Editorial photo shoot is a photo shoot that is done to create images that will be used in magazines, newspapers, fashion catalogs and other media. The main purpose of this type of photo shoot is to tell a story through the images, and it is an important way to promote products and services.

In it, the photographer collaborates with a team of professionals that includes an art director, a stylist, and a makeup artist. Together, they work on a concept that represents the brand or message to be conveyed. The photographer carefully selects the location, lighting, equipment, and angle to create the perfect image.

During the editorial photo shoot, many photos are taken from different angles and poses to give the editing team enough options to choose from. The photographer collaborates closely with the model(s) to make sure the right images are captured. He or she also works with the art director and stylist to make sure the clothing, props and makeup are consistent with the concept.

Once the photos have been taken, the editing team selects the best images to be published in the magazine or other media. They may also retouch the photos to improve lighting, color, and other details.

At Cristian Valles Films we can summarize that an editorial photo shoot is an important activity to promote products and services. It requires a great deal of effort and careful planning to ensure that the right images are captured, and the desired message is conveyed. If done correctly, it can help enhance your brand and attract new customers.

Photographs that are stories

Editorial photo shoot photographs are more than just images. They are stories that capture fleeting moments of a particular fashion, brand, or idea. Each photograph tells a different and unique story, and each editorial shoot has its own narrative.

In these shoots, photographers collaborate with a team of stylists, makeup artists and designers to create a unique atmosphere that captures the essence of the subject being portrayed. The result is a series of photographs that tell a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

Each image is carefully designed and planned to reflect a particular emotion or feeling. From the choice of wardrobe and location to the lighting and camera angle, every detail is important to capture the essence of the story being told.

Editorial shots are often used in fashion magazines, catalogs, and advertisements. They are a powerful tool to convey an idea or concept to a wider audience.

Beyond fashion, they are also used in fine art photography and portrait photography. Photographers can use the narrative and atmosphere created in an editorial shoot to create emotional and powerful images.

Working techniques in editorial photography

To be successful in editorial photography, it is important to master some working techniques.

First, it is essential to carefully plan the editorial photo shoot. This involves thinking about the concept, style, and aesthetics of the shoot, and how the images will be used. It is also necessary to carefully choose the equipment and materials to be used, such as cameras, lenses, lighting, props, and backgrounds.

Another important technique in editorial photography is to collaborate with a team. This can include models, stylists, makeup artists, costume designers and other creative professionals. It is important to communicate clearly and work together to achieve the desired goal.

Creativity also plays a key role in editorial photography. Photographers must be able to think freely and experiment with different angles, lighting, and techniques to create unique and engaging images. In addition, it is important to have a solid understanding of composition, color, and design theory to create visually appealing images.

Finally, it is essential to possess post-production and image editing skills to give photos the final change they need. This includes color correction, image editing and retouching, which can help improve the quality and impact of images.


Pre-production is a fundamental stage in any editorial photo shoot, since it is the moment in which everything necessary to make the project, a success is planned and organized. During this phase, the objectives of the work are established, the creative ideas are defined, the team is chosen, the models are selected and the coordination necessary to conduct the session is established.

The first step in pre-production is to establish the objectives of the job. It is important to define the purpose of the shoot, such as promoting a brand or product, or creating an editorial for a fashion magazine. From there, the creative ideas that will be the central axis of the project are developed.

Once the ideas are defined, it is important to choose the right team for the shoot. This may include photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, and stylists, among others. It is important to make sure that the entire team shares the same creative vision and is committed to the success of the project.

Another critical aspect of pre-production is the selection of models. It is important to choose the right models that fit the creative vision of the project. Models should be selected based on their appearance, attitude, and acting skills.

Finally, it is important to establish the coordination necessary to conduct editorial photo shoots. This includes choosing the location where the shoot will take place, obtaining the necessary permits, transporting the equipment, and coordinating all technical and practical aspects.

Photographic production 

This stage of the editorial photo shoot is a task that involves a great deal of planning, coordination, and creativity. This type of photo shoot is conducted to create images that will be used in print or digital publications, such as magazines, newspapers, and fashion websites.

To begin production, the objectives of the photo shoot must be defined. This includes deciding on the theme of the shoot, the models to be used, the location of the shoot, and the clothing and props to be used. It is also important to determine the budget and timeline for production.

Once the objectives have been established, a team should be put together for the production. This includes the photographer, stylist, makeup artist and hair stylist. Other team members may also be needed, such as a production assistant, graphic designer, and photo editor.

The next step is to plan the shoot schedule. Consideration should be given to natural and artificial light, model availability and equipment needed for the shoot. A backup plan should also be in place in case of unforeseen events, such as severe weather.

During the shoot, the production team should make sure that everything is going as planned and that the necessary images are being taken. It is important to make sure that the models are comfortable and relaxed, and that the necessary safety measures are being taken.


The post-production of an editorial photo shoot is a fundamental process to achieve the desired result. It is the stage in which the images are retouched, finished and details are adjusted to meet the client’s requirements and those of the publication where they will be published.

This involves several steps, such as color correction, removing imperfections, improving sharpness, and creating a uniform and consistent look throughout the images. In general, the aim is to make the photos look natural, but also to highlight the features of the model or product being photographed.

One of the most used tools in post-production is photo editing software. There are several options available on the market, from free programs to paid professional solutions. Photographers usually choose the tool that best suits their needs and allows them to achieve the desired result.

Another crucial step is the selection of the final images. In an editorial photo shoot, many photos are usually taken, and not all of them are suitable for publication. It is at this point that the photographer, together with the client and the editorial team, selects the images to be used.

Tips for editorial photography

Below, at Cristian Valles Films we present some useful tips to make an editorial photo shoot.

  • Previous preparation: It is important to plan the editorial photo shoot in advance, define the concept, the idea you want to transmit, the clothes and accessories needed, as well as the places where the shots will be taken.
  • Equipment selection: It is essential to have high quality equipment including a camera, lenses, and tripod. In addition, it is important to have adequate lighting to ensure good image quality.
  • Model direction: The photographer must be able to direct the model, giving clear instructions on how to pose and how to express himself/herself in each shot.
  • Editing: Editing is an important part of the editorial photography process, as it allows for fine-tuning and improving the quality of the image.
  • Choosing the shots: It is important to carefully choose the best shots for the final editing, looking for those that best convey the desired message and have a good image quality.
  • Personal style: Each photographer has a personal and unique style, so it is important to leave your mark on each editorial photo shoot, looking for a unique and differentiated identity.
  • Constant practice: Constant practice is essential to improve technique and creativity in editorial photography, which allows you to create more impactful and high-quality images.
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