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The best plan to improve your sales with video content!


By reserving us, you confirm that you have read and accept our terms and conditions

By buying the promotional content generation plan, you will receive up to 2 hours of recording and these contents:


One (1) video up to 2:00 minutes long, ideal for explanation videos.

Two (2) videos up to 1:00 minute long, ideal for promo videos and Ads testing.


Four (4) videos up to 1:00 minute long, ideal for promo videos and Ads testing.

By reserving us, you confirm that you have read and accept our terms and conditions


Plan Description
This plan is ideal for creating content that helps you build a small campaign that boosts the promotion of your products or services. This will develop pieces aimed at generating leads or traffic to an Internet page or your Instagram profile.
You will have an in-person visit of up to 120 minutes of recording to generate the necessary material that will be used in your videos.

IMPORTANT: The extra hour will cost $159.99

Videos that can be made with this plan

Other services including marketing

All our plans include

Production-management call

Full HD recording

Professional editing

TOTALLY. With the Express Video Plan you can make a video of up to one minute for only $ 99.99. Because it is a super economic promotion, certain conditions apply.

The quality of our videos does not vary. If the video you need to make meets the requirements to get the $99.99 plan, the visual and audio quality will be the same as that of a video made with the Super Content Plan.

To maintain the price and quality of the material we deliver, it is important to ensure the payment of the plan chosen beforehand. If a person reserves us and then, on the day of shooting does not show up or cannot be reached, we lose the opportunity to reserve with other customers. What is more, with such fair margins we cannot take these reservation losses due to non-compliance from the client.

Your material will be sent within the period of 3 business days except for the Super Content Plan, music videos, weddings and special projects that will have a delivery time of 7 business days. The time expressed here is the maximum time that a client can wait to receive the final product, there are cases that have received the material in a shorter period of time.

To ensure that your video has the result that you want, it is important that you comply with all your obligations. By receiving the production-management call, you make sure that we coordinate everything with you in the best way.<br>

The forms and scripts that you are required to fill in, should be done by paying close attention to the details as they are the guide for everything to go well. If you do not pay attention and do not make the scripts and instructions that we request, it is very likely that you will not get the result you want in your video.<br>

The place where you are going to make your recording, the clothing, and the elements that will accompany the video are very important points to consider. We ensure that the quality for the audiovisual materials come from equipment that is of the latest generation and technology. Also, if the weather does not favor the shooting, the video will have some quality issues that are out of our reach.

You can cancel your reservation without any inconvenience up to 48 hours in advance with no additional cost to reschedule it. If the reservation is canceled in less than 48 hours in advance (except for unexpected events, such as rains, natural disasters, among others) you will have an additional charge of $ 100.

We do not provide any type of refund under any circumstances. It is the only way to be able to guarantee our prices.

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