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To make your reservation, you must pay the full amount of the package you wish to purchase.

After selecting and completing the purchase of the product, you will receive a questionnaire where you will explain what you want to do in your video or videos, following by our recommendations to take advantage of the set time to not generate overtime.

You will receive a production-management call where we will discuss the information and clarify doubts received from the questionnaire. The call is made in order to organize ourselves and get the most out of this reservation.

On the day of the recording, punctuality is extremely important since your time will begin to run at the agreed time of your visit and will last the agreed time of the product you have reserved.

When the time is up, you will be notified and offered your overtime options. If you wish to do overtime, you must make the payment at the end of the production work and before the edition process. If you do not pay overtime, your material will not be delivered. Once the payment is realized, the delivery time will begin to be counted from the moment the payment is confirmed.

If you need to change your reservation, you must do it 48 hours in advance to avoid having any penalty. In case of canceling closer to the scheduled slot, you will be charged a penalty of $100.

To the generated material, the logo sent by the client, will be included. If you require an animated logo for the opening, closing or needed throughout the video, it will have an additional cost.

Regular fonts are included. For custom designs and animations, please ask for an estimated additional cost.

Any shoot outside of “the Doral” has an increase of $30 for 30 miles. For shoots farther than 30 miles, the cost will increase according to the distance.

All videos, photographies or any other audiovisual material (collectively named, the “Work Product”) developed by CRISTIAN VALLES PRODUCTIONS will be the property of On Solutions Corp and could be used in any promotional videos of the company without authorization. In case the client requires the rights of such videos, he will have to pay an agreed amount and receive a document certifying the buy.

CRISTIAN VALLES PRODUCTIONS undertakes to deliver the material within a period of 3 business days after the end of the shoot, except for the Super Content Plan that will be delivered within a 7 business days period. If the customer wants an express delivery of the material, it will have an additional cost and a quota must be requested.

All your opinions, suggestions, recommendations and / or requests for changes to the material received must be requested through [email protected]

Only one edition chance will be included, this means that you can request the number of changes you want in the same lot. If a second edition requirement is necessary, you must ask for a quota of the changes to be edited. After ten days of receiving the video, no changes forms will be received.

These edition changes can take up to a maximum of 72 business hours from your requirement date and will depend on the amount of editing existing when submitting the request. We will always seek to give priority to your changes so that you will receive them as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee a delivery in less than 72 business hours. If you wish to receive your changes immediately, an additional charge according to amount of editing will be added to your final payment.



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